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Thursday, May 10, 2012

DBS Bank Photography Expedition

It was just the perfect day – while the rest of Delhi was busy in their cozy homes making the most of the fleeting winters, the DBS Team at Delhi including a few eminent icons of the Bank – Abhinav, Richa, Akshat, Anurakt, Vikram had some vigorous plans -- to visit Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary for the Photography Contest.
The proceeds started with very well placed periodic teasers on the Contest enticing many to brave the morning Chill on an otherwise lazy Saturday Morning. With the nominations in place, we set our clocks to early morning and reached the office at 7 AM sharp.
Sultanpur, as beautiful as it is – lies in the outskirts of the Delhi-NCR Region – an hour and a half’s drive form the Branch, very cordially arranged for by the Bank. On the way over, all the participants were eager to both showcase and absorb each other’s Cameras and spent most of the way discussing varied topics on the subject of Photography.
At the venue, we stalled for a couple of Refreshments and strode into the Scantuary’s Trail. The scene, to say the least – was awe inspiring. Seldom we get to see such lavish greenery couples with absolute peace and sense of being – nature at it’s best. What added to the experience was the perfect weather – sunny with a chilly nip in the air. As we strode down the trail, clicking pictures of almost everything which pleased the eye, the team was considerate enough to advise each other on good shooting spots and proper camera techniques. And that is exactly when you realize how a picture is worth a thousand words!
After walking a good deal of the beautiful Morning, we took a spot right amidst the huge lake which graced the scene. Another session of marveling the beauty of the place and the pictures followed, and after a while, the group sat down to absorb the scenery as much as they could before leaving for the life-as-usual. It was spectacular – to watch the Birds in perfect harmony with their surroundings and to ourselves feeling compelled not to leave the place. Our journey though, ended with the Sun on full balst – we left the Bird Sanctuary at Noon, right around the time the Birds took to their havens. On our way back, we had the opportunity to learn more on the Fauna.
The ride back was nothing short of marvelous too – stopping for a hearty Brunch, we got ample time and the rare space to Bond in spite of being from different disciplines of the Bank. The activity was complete – Educating, enriching and a Degree of Fun we surely could get used to! And to top it all off, the Prizes were handed out to the Best photographers at the Annual Party by none other than Mr. Sanjiv Bhasin the CEO of DBS Bank.
Pictures By Abhinav Doegar

Pictures By Richa Jain

Pictures By Akshat Jain

Pictures By Anurakt Jain

Pictures By Vikram Samvedi

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